Activities for team building throughout Switzerland

Team building and company outings throughout Switzerland thanks to our face-to-face, virtual or hybrid activities.
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Team building & company outings in Switzerland to strengthen the bonds of your teams

A company outing for more cohesion invites you to discovering Switzerland . The wines, the small cobbled streets, Lake Geneva, German-speaking Switzerland, the old town of Zürich, the historic center of Bern, the Lavaux, the Alps... Visit the destination of your choice throughout Switzerland by combining a team building designed by

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Team building everywhere and for everyone

We organize team building throughout Switzerland as well as in cities in Europe and around the world.

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How does it works?


Organize a company outing or a team building to strengthen the cohesion of your teams during an activity in Switzerland. We offer different digital games through the application Mobile Adventures.…You choose between a deadly investigationa treasure hunta challenge game, a strategy game based on the global economy or even a digital escape gameOur solutions have been created to guarantee you a moment of laughter while working on the consolidation of your teams. In addition, takes care of everything, from the organization to the debriefing through the entertaining of your company outing, everything is done internally by our team of professionals.

The flexibility of our products allows us to adapt them to offer them for different purposes: we can also organize an activity seriously designed to strengthen the bonds of your employees as we can organize a company outing focused on entertainment and Discovery.


The products offered on our website did not appeal to you or are you looking for a tailor-made solution? Let us know as we have the ability to adapt and create fully customized activities.

Tailor-made solutions are developed based on your needs and your vision of the activity. For example, we can create a fun training program entirely based on your company. Concretely, the flexibility of our mobile application allows you to configure the duration of the activity, the places, the interface, the design and the content as you wish.

Whether your team contains 50 or 5 employees, whether it is based in Switzerland or abroad, we are able to create a unique experience for you.

DISCOVER TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES THROUGHOUT SWITZERLAND will come and meet you to organize team building activities and company outings throughout Switzerland and in the language of your choice. BaselBerneFribourgNeuchâtelLausanneLucerneGenevaZurich, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Interlaken, Thoune, Sion, Martigny, Aarau, Carouge, Bienne and of course everywhere else.

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Discover the face-to-face activities for your next team building, fun and friendly activities., your partner in Team building and company outings in Swizterland.

City explorer team building presentation

The City Explorer

As a team, go on an adventure in the city of your choice and complete the funniest challenges. Humor will help you get the most points.

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Global warming hybrid team building

The Global Warning

As a team, tackle the 6 main causes of global warming before moving on to the 6 existing solutions! A motivating game with a topical background.

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Face-to-face team building escape game

The Escape

Solve puzzles, collect the necessary items and find the combination of codes that will allow you to escape from 3 different spaces.

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Activities everywhere and for everyone

Team building or company outing… Our strength? Organize events accessible to all, where you want, when you want.

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