Team Building & company outing in Rome

A face-to-face, virtual or hybrid team building activity to bring your employees together in Rome. A team building event organized by to boost your teams.
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Go on an adventure during a team building in Rome, your partner for the organization of your team buildings in Rome.

Direction the Eternal City, Rome. Vestige of the past, witness of the present and guardian of the best gastronomy in the world, it represents an ideal destination for organize a company outing.

Un team building pursues different objectives: it boosts team spirit, it allows you to thank your teams but also to work on the corporate culture.

In a world going at 1000 an hour, it is important to be able take a break to get to know your teams better, create strong ties but also catch new colleagues to hook them to the company car. Mix the oldest with the new and thus create a strong story for the company. Rome is an ideal destination to combine a spirit of culture, history and fun with a team building with strong values.

So head to the Colosseum for a geolocated treasure hunt, the Trevi Fountain for crazy photo challenges or even in front of the Vatican for souvenir photos of course! helps you organize your company outing in Rome.

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Do you want to organize a company outing in Paris, Berlin or Brussels? We organize team building in the cities of your choice in Europe.

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A team building in Rome for even more efficient teams


Today, the world of work is changing. Indeed, between teleworking, nomadic work and offices in the heart of different countries, it is sometimes complicated to bring together all of your teams to carry out a corporate event in Rome.

If our way of working has evolved, so have team building formulas. This is why has developed new formulas of activities. Games available face-to-face, hybrid or even virtual with or without a facilitator.

A customizable formula according to your desires and your work configurations to get away from it all and bring you together during a unique activity.

You want to create a geolocated treasure hunt, a challenge game, a strategy game based on the global economy or even an escape game, you have come to the right place. These games are possible through the different tourist sites of Rome such as the Palatine Hill, the Pantheon, the Vatican, …

A way to discover the Italian capital with new eyes during a crazy corporate team building.



Our teams are specialized in create custom games. So according to your desires, we can personalize each activity with your graphic charter, your logo, your business anecdotes…. A real plus to give character to your team building day in Rome.

Team building activities offer many benefits. A fun way to get together as a team, to learn to discover each other, to trust each other and thus work better on a daily basis.

A team building allows boost team morale, have fun together to leave stronger and more efficient. A relaxed way to start again on a good basis and thus to write the success of the company as a team.

Don't hesitate any longer and book your company outing in Rome. We also offer formulas for Paris, Berlin, Madrid or even New York ! To discover ! 

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Discover our games of the moment

Discover the activities for your next team building in Rome, fun and friendly activities., your partner in Team building and company outings in Rome and all over Europe.

City explorer team building presentation

The City Explorer

As a team, go on an adventure in the city of your choice and complete the funniest challenges. Humor will help you get the most points.


Global warming hybrid team building

The Global Warning

As a team, tackle the 6 main causes of global warming before moving on to the 6 existing solutions! A motivating game with a topical background.


Face-to-face team building escape game

The Escape

Solve puzzles, collect the necessary items and find the combination of codes that will allow you to escape from 3 different spaces.


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Team building or company outing… Our strength? Organize events accessible to all, where you want, when you want.

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