Team Building & company outing At New York

An international face-to-face, virtual or hybrid team building to bring your employees together in New York or elsewhere. Discover our teambuilding activities.
new york international team building

A successful team building or company outing in New York or abroad

Organize an exceptional team building in New York and surprise your teams!

You wish to organize a stay of team building or gather your teams across different countries? offers team building activities in New York and around the world. In an ultra-connected world, it has never been so easy to find yourself, even from a distance. Therefore, today, team building is reinventing itself and can be organized wherever you want.

Head to the Big Apple for an unforgettable corporate outing. Play a geolocated treasure hunt through Central Park, walk along the High Line, discover the most beautiful works of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, solve puzzles at Grand Central Terminal, take photos in Times Square and cross the Brooklyn Bridge , here are some examples of activities to entertain your employees during a business trip to New York. 

Organize a team building in New York, it's offering a unique gift to your teams. An ideal opportunity to get away from it all, to get out of your habits and to meet another culture, to marvel at new landscapes, to learn about a different gastronomy, ... all in the company of your employees. . A group trip that will allow you to create shared memories, discover his colleagues in a different light and so strengthen team bonds.

A team building in New York, an internal event that allows you to thank your teams, re-motivate the troops and create new links for a close-knit and efficient team on a daily basis.

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Team building everywhere and for everyone

We organize team building all over the world. Choose your city and organize your company outing.

Discover them!

face-to-face teambuilding in switzerland

A company outing in New York to boost your teams


The team is specialized in the creation of team building activities and games. Backed by its experience, offers activities customizable according to your branding, your values ​​and your colors. Games that can take place face-to-face, hybrid or virtual. A way to respond effectively to the evolution of work and the mobility of workers. If the workplace can change and evolve, social contact remains essential to unite a team no matter where the employees are.

In New York, offers you to carry out activities to discover the city using a geolocated treasure hunt, an escape game or other. Activities that can easily be set up thanks to a mobile application. Thus, you are free to start your activity whenever you want and thus organize your team building according to your timing. Do you want to organize your activity in West Village, near the Statue of Liberty or in Chinatown and Littel Italy? It's possible ! You just have to take out your smartphones and follow the activity instructions.


Flying, going to a hotel, discovering a new city, organizing a team building abroad, it's a unique experience. This allows to offer a feeling of exclusivity to your employees. A trip that strengthens your corporate culture.

A team building activity signed allows you to organize a unique business trip to New York that will allow you to energize your teams to improve well-being within the company but also the performance of your employees.

Our teams help you organize your activities so that fun, team spirit and conviviality are part of it! Discover New York like you've never seen it before with customizable team building activities.

Do not hesitate any longer and book your company outing in New York but also Paris, Rome, Madrid ou Berlin ! Discover our services in the city of your choice.

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Discover our games of the moment

Discover our activities for your team building in New York or abroad. Fun and friendly activities signed, your partner in Team building and company outings in the whole world.

City explorer team building presentation

The City Explorer

As a team, go on an adventure in the city of your choice and complete the funniest challenges. Humor will help you get the most points.


Global warming hybrid team building

The Global Warning

As a team, tackle the 6 main causes of global warming before moving on to the 6 existing solutions! A motivating game with a topical background.


Face-to-face team building escape game

The Escape

Solve puzzles, collect the necessary items and find the combination of codes that will allow you to escape from 3 different spaces.


Activities everywhere and for everyone

Team building or company outing… Our strength? Organize events accessible to all, where you want, when you want.

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