Team building in St. Gallen

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Team building in St. Gallen

A corporate activity in St. Gallen

Have you decided to bring your employees to St. Gallen for a memorable corporate event? We have exactly what you need. Discover our indoor and outdoor team building activities in St. Gallen.

Explore St. Gallen and its highlights, while enjoying a team activity that promotes humor, team building and creativity, all at an unbeatable price! St. Gallen's privileged location at the "corner of four countries" - Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein - makes it the ideal destination for your employees.

St. Gallen is a Swiss destination not to be missed, combining history, culture and natural beauty. The majestic Abbey of St. Gallen, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an architectural marvel. The old town is brimming with charm, with its half-timbered houses and cobbled streets. The Museum of History and Art and the Textile Museum of St. Gallen are benchmarks in their field. For nature lovers, the magnificent Lake Constance and the Rhine Falls are nearby.

Why organize a Team Building event in St. Gallen?

Team building

Our activities are designed to strengthen team spirit, foster communication and develop collaboration. We offer inclusive activities that will delight each and every one of your employees, enabling them to make an active and essential contribution to their team's success.

Humor and creativity

By entrusting us with the organization of your event in St. Gallen, you give us the chance to offer a convivial and enriching activity for all participants. Our challenges encourage humor and creativity within each team, often resulting in unforgettable laughter.

Motivation and commitment

Our dynamic and entertaining team building activities relax the mind and significantly reduce stress, boosting your employees' motivation, commitment to the company and objectives.

Innovative discovery of St. Gallen

St. Gallen is brimming with unique, must-see sights and monuments. Through our activities, we offer your employees the chance to explore the city while sharing laughter and good humor.

Creating shared memories

A successful team building event will generate wonderful shared memories. What better way to immortalize these memories than with photo and video challenges taken during the activity? These will be sent to you, and will be the perfect opportunity to close your event by presenting them to the actors of the day, in a joyful and good-humored way.

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At, we can organize your team building wherever you like.

Our activities in St. Gallen

Winter Explorer
Winter explorer

An outing with colleagues or family during the winter months, discovering a city while having fun. An activity that combines challenge and discovery, with a break for a hot drink.

In teams, armed with your phone and our app, set off on an adventure through the streets of a Swiss town, heading from one geolocated point to another to complete a series of fun-filled Christmas challenges and quizzes!

Children's birthday activity
Children's birthday

Our kids' birthday game is packed with all kinds of kid-friendly challenges to set the right mood and create lasting memories.

Choose our must-have classic for your outdoor activity in St. Gallen. Divided into teams of 4-6 players and equipped with one smartphone per team and our mobile app, your participants set off to explore St. Gallen and discover geolocated challenges and questions. These have been carefully placed to ensure that many of the must-see places and monuments are included in the activity. Players complete photo and video challenges, some related to the city of St. Gallen, answer quizzes and riddles, and try to win as many points as possible for their achievements.
At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins the activity!

City Explorer

Corporate activities

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In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, your colleagues get together for a fun activity.


Whether in a restaurant, a conference room, a hotel or wherever you've booked, bring your staff together for a special event. team building


Gather your employees around a unique virtual team building City Games . Telecommuting, remotely, in Switzerland or anywhere in the world.


Face-to-face and remote teams? Bring all your participants together with our hybrid activities.

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