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Team building Lugano

A corporate activity in Lugano

Have you decided to bring your staff together in Lugano for a memorable corporate event? We're convinced your choice was the right one. Discover our indoor and outdoor team building activities in Lugano.


Lugano combines cosmopolitan elegance with Mediterranean charm. Located in Switzerland on the shores of Lake Lugano, it offers picturesque panoramas with mountains in the background. The Piazza della Riforma, in the heart of the city, is surrounded by colorful buildings and lively cafés, creating a lively atmosphere. Among the must-sees is the Parc Ciani, a lush green space in which to relax, while the Lugano Art Museum displays an impressive collection of artistic works. The annual event is the Lugano International Jazz Festival, which attracts renowned artists from all over the world. Lugano is ideal for corporate events, with luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants and conference facilities in abundance. We consider the lakeside to be perfect for team-building activities, while the old town offers a charming and peaceful setting for networking evenings. Lugano's mild climate and proximity to nature make it an ideal destination for your next event.

Our Team Building activities in Lugano

Outdoor activities

Would you like to take advantage of Lugano's idyllic setting and offer your participants a memorable activity at team building ? We've got just what you're looking for. Equipped with a smartphone and our mobile app, teams of 4-6 players will go from one geolocated point to another to complete challenges, answer questions about Lugano's must-see places and monuments, take part in quizzes and riddles, and win points based on your humor and creativity! Of course, we are well aware of everyone's needs and expectations, and that's why we offer a range of outdoor digital games and customization options, enabling you to set the mood you're looking for among your staff and optimally meet your team building objective.

Indoor activities

Liven up your company meal, aperitif, seminar or other team building indoor event in Lugano by offering your staff a fun and dynamic activity that encourages team cohesion, humor and creativity. Using their cell phones and our mobile application, teams will embark on an epic digital game that's sure to make the moment memorable. Whether it's a virtual Escape game, a quiz, our unmissable Tour de Suisse or our famous Level Up! game, we offer a panoply of digital games - the real magic recipe for transforming your event into an interactive, unforgettable experience at a price that defies all competition.

Hybrid activities

Bring all your employees together for your event in Lugano can sometimes be a real mission impossible. We're well aware of this, and that's why we've created our hybrid activities, enabling you to enjoy a real team building without having to physically bring all your participants together! Whether you want to organize an outdoor game in several cities, sharing the same scoreboard, bringing together players virtually and others in Lugano or elsewhere, we've already organized countless hybrid activities and are confident we can offer you an innovative team building activity to meet your needs and objectives.

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Our activities in Lugano

Winter Explorer
Winter explorer

An outing with colleagues or family during the winter months, discovering a city while having fun. An activity that combines challenge and discovery, with a break for a hot drink.

Bachelorette party
Bachelorette party

The perfect activity to celebrate with the bride-to-be. Travel around the city of your choice, completing fun-filled challenges. Take lots of souvenir photos and videos.

Children's birthday activity
Children's birthday

Our kids' birthday game is packed with all kinds of kid-friendly challenges to set the right mood and create lasting memories.

City Explorer

Choose our must-have classic for your outdoor activity and make the most of the exceptional setting offered by the city of Lugano. Divided into teams of 4-6 players, and equipped with one smartphone per team and our mobile app, your participants set off to discover Lugano's geolocated challenges and questions. These have been carefully positioned to include many of Lugano's must-see sights and monuments. Players complete photo and video challenges, some of them related to the city of Ticino, answer quizzes and riddles, and collect points according to their creativity and sense of humor! Who will best seduce the activity's host and judge? At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins the activity!

City Explorer

Corporate activities

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In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, your colleagues get together for a fun activity.


Whether in a restaurant, a conference room, a hotel or wherever you've booked, bring your staff together for a special event. team building


Gather your employees around a unique virtual team building City Games . Telecommuting, remotely, in Switzerland or anywhere in the world.


Face-to-face and remote teams? Bring all your participants together with our hybrid activities.

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