Serious game

Education, collaboration, mutual aid and fun to face a business challenge together.

Serious Game: a game to develop new skills

We live in a world of constant change and companies must keep up with this fast pace. Internal program updates, new skills to adopt, adjustments... there are times in the life of a company when it is important to launch a movement, an evolution. It is then necessary to get everyone on board and this can be a major challenge. This is where the organization of a serious game can help you!

Inform, communicate, educate and train your employees with a customized Serious Game 

A Serious Game is an activity of team building that has a specific objective for the company. The serious game is a clever mix between a serious intention and fun. It allows to deliver an educational information, a training, a teaching, to welcome a new recruit, to defuse a conflict or to provide a training under a form of game which requires collaboration, mutual aid and learning.

How does it work? 


Our range of Serious Games activities is based on collective challenges.

At, our mission is to create games that bring your employees together. Whether face-to-face, virtual or hybrid, we believe in the power of individuals when they are together. A unique strength that it is important to foster within your teams.

When faced with a problem, it can seem like an insurmountable mountain, but with several people, with different insights and different inspirations, it can suddenly become obvious, and then be easily solved. This is the strength of group work! And at we believe in it more than anything else.

This is why we offer collective Serious Games in Switzerland and all over the world.

Our ability to be in person or virtual allows us to create a unique universe around your employees and to transmit training or information in a qualitative and impactful way.






At, we create customized and scripted games to achieve your collective goals. Thus, for the Serious Game, we propose a series of games arounda scriptedescape.

In teams and equipped with a smartphone, your collaborators will have to solve puzzles, gather their strengths, their best ideas and advance together. Collaboration and learning will be the keys to success.

This activity can take place in a classroom setting as well as in a virtual or hybrid environment.

Self-run version:

In the Self-run version, play independently*, at the time that suits you best! It's as simple as this: witha smartphone with 4G access and theMobile Adventures application, scan the QR code provided by City Games and you're all set for a team activity in the location of your choice.

*Customer support by phone is available throughout the game.

Version with online facilitator:

A place connected by videoconference, with the AV equipment adapted to the size of your group. We will host your teams remotely to present and animate the game live and give the results at the end of the activity. This concept allows you to assemble several locations, simultaneously or not, while having a global animation for your different teams.