Team building activities and company outings for professionals

Team building & Company outing in Switzerland

Increase cohesion among your teams with a team building 

Organizing a corporate event with is the opportunity to develop motivation, cohesion and loyalty of your company’s human capital, but not only!

Whether it is a seminar, a team building day, or simply an after-work or team breakfast, our games have the advantage of strengthening motivation among employees. The games we propose are flexible and available anywhere in Switzerland, in the cities of Fribourg, Bern, Basel, Lucerne, Lausanne, Zurich, Geneva, Neuchâtel,… 

Bringing moments of recognition, exchange and well-being, the ingredients of a growing and lasting motivation.

Participating to one of our activities is then a great occasion to build loyalty among your employees. In addition, team cohesion will certainly be improved through outstanding digital games!

At the forefront of technology, our games are unique and innovative. Regardless of your chosen activity, whether Indoor or Outdoor games, they are played through the Mobile Adventures App and are played by teams equipped with iPads.

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    Our prices


    FULLy managed events: 65.- CHf / person

    SELF-RUN option: 35.- chf / person





    Activities for your team building and company outings

  offers you innovative solutions for all types of events, including a selection of playful, sportive, cerebral and creative activities enjoyable in the location of your choice.



    company outings



    As a way of sharing gratitude or celebrating a unique corporate event, our games easily adapt to your wishes and provide your employees with unforgettable experiences!




    Team building



    A team building is ideal to strengthen cohesion and improve communication among your company!
    Decide on one of our various games where collaboration is key.




    bachelor/ette - birthday parties



    Celebrate your happy events with our personalized games according to the daily hero and profit from an unforgettable experience!
    Between friends or in family, surprises and laugh guaranteed!






    Solutions designed for any weather! Choose among our various indoor games options and we will meet you in the location of your choice: Your company, a hotel or even a bar in the city!





    Our strength? Our games take place in the city of your choice! is everywhere in Switzerland: Lausanne, Geneva, Fribourg, Lucerne, Basel, Neuchâtel, Bern, Zurich,…



    Our team is putting together a custom-made program arranged either for a private or corporate event. Our goal? That your event be a success and a high point that suits you.