Activities for your team building 

Team building, an activity with long-term benefits!

Team building is an effective option to strengthen cohesion among a team but is also an excellent communication tool that can be used to achieve various objectives.

a team building to reboost the troops, but not only!

Whether you want to defuse conflicts, re-motivate the troops or integrate new collaborators, a team building activity will inevitably be correlated with the success of your company.

Through our various digital games formulas,  we propose to bring your employees to surpass themselves, we call upon their creativity and logical thinking while realizing original challenges and getting to know each other better.

Trust us, thanks to our digital offers, countless values and talents might be brought to the forefront. Being flexible and able to adapt to your needs and wishes, we work all over Switzerland in the cities of Bern, Basel, Lucerne, Lausanne, Zurich, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Fribourg,…

The added value?

You have the opportunity to end your activity with a presentation of the content generated during the game, animated by one of our team member. Such option allows you to conclude on a dynamic note and therefore further strengthen the bonds between participants.

Regarding the organization of your event, takes care of everything: you are only required to choose your activity and its location.

More information

    With animation

    Pour un team building réussi, faites appel à City Games partout en Suisse


    Discover our team building activities & company outings all over switzerland 

    Découvrez une ville avec City Explorer lors d'une sortie d'entreprise

    City Explorer

    A GPS-based game focusing on collective interaction and available in the city of your choice.

    level up, un jeu de défis pour un team building ou une sortie d'entreprise


    The Indoor digital game that leads its participants to surpass themselves through challenges and quizzes that are becoming more and more complex.

    Une enquête à résoudre lors d'un team building ou une sortie d'entreprise

    Manor House Murder

    A digital murder investigation which takes participants into a captivating imaginary universe.

    Une activité ludique pour team building


    The digital escape game which combines team spirit, logical reasoning and rapidity.


    our prices 


    Fully managed events: 65.- CHf / person – 12 persons minimum 

    SELF-RUN option: 35.- chf / person  – no minimum of participants