An online team building 

An online team buidling for your employees

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Today, companies are increasingly adopting teleworking. Whether part-time or full-time, employees no longer necessarily see each other every day.

Therefore, it is more than important to find innovative ways of meeting virtually to keep the corporate spirit alive. Online team building allows you to bring all your employees together at the same time.

Enjoy a great time together but each at home to let off steam and foster team cohesion! 

Teleworking and team building: a combination that works!

Would you like to organize a team building to bring your teams together? However, your employees are teleworking and spread over many locations… This is no longer an obstacle. It is now possible to organize a virtual team building from home. By doing so, you can bring your work colleagues together via video conference to spend a nice time together, and thus convey the corporate spirit and remind them that they work as a team.

An online team building 

During one of our traditional activities, the group meets up in a common place to take part to the event. Conversely, our home office activities give you the opportunity to participate to the activity of your choice among our various solutions while being able to guarantee the safety of your employees. An online and remote team building solution! 


To organize an online team building, you will require a computer and a mobile phone or a touch tablet connected to the internet.

We will set up an online meeting and form groups of 4 to 5 participants to be together dispatched in virtual rooms. Therefore, you will stay at a distance, but in group work on one of our great scenarios offering the option to customize part of the activity at the image of your company. 


Why choosing the team building in home office?

Teleworking offers numerous advantages but does not foster social connections between employees. In this context, it is even more crucial to keep creating connections between employees as well as promoting the corporate culture.

Today, Internet provides us with a multitude of meeting options. Thus, let’s take the opportunity to innovate! A remote team building in video conference offers various advantages:  

  • Maintaining a connection and a corporate spirit among your employees and colleagues
  • Participating to an activity, at the same time, all connected to the same interface
  • Creating cohesion among the company in difficult times  
  • Possibility to customize your game by integrating the content of your choice
  • Following the progression of your employees

Are you interested in this team building? We would be more than happy to inform you about the several activities we offer. Contact-us and we will take care of integrating your desired customizations in order to elaborate the team building you need. 

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    Avec animation

    Pour un team building réussi, faites appel à City Games partout en Suisse
    Pour un team building réussi, faites appel à City Games partout en Suisse


    Discover our solutions of team building in home office

    city explorer, pour découvrir la ville lors d'un team building ou sortie d'entreprise

    31 Day Kick Off

    The ultimate challenge, an activity planed to last for 10 up to 30 days. Every morning, at the video conference time, your employees are subjected to a small team challenge which reminds them that they work as a team.

    level up, une série de défis pour vos sorties d'entreprise! Rires garantis

    Virtual Team Building 

    Virtual team building is a fun team activity which has been designed to offer people an alternative to traditional team buildings.


    manor house murder, une enquête meurtrière à résoudre lors d'un team building ou sortie d'entreprise

    kick off of the day

    A perfect solution to initiate a strong group dynamic with your colleagues! A team quiz which allows to kick off the day with the entire usual team, but remotely.

    Escape, un jeu parfait pour souder vos équipes lors d'un team building en Suisse

    social team

    Doesn’t the end of the week end with an aperitif with colleagues? But you are willing to meet all together in a relaxed and festive way, the social team is then the perfect activity to play with colleagues while sipping on a good drink and ending up the day with a laugh.


    Our prices 

    Fully managed events: CHF 65.- / person – 12 persons minimum

    Home Office option : CHF 25.- / Person – 12 persons minimum 

    SELF-RUN option: chf 35.- / person  – no minimum of participants