Team building activity, company outing & private customized event


A company outing, a team building or an activity among friends that suits you

Since we want your event to suit you and be a high moment, we offer you a bespoke service. Indeed, from the realization of a branding to a personalized game content, our team is here to support you and meet all your needs. We are available everywhere in Switzerland, in the cities of Bern, Basel, Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne, Lausanne, Fribourg, Neuchâtel,… 

CITY EXPLORER The urban digital game endlessly customizable

Ideal to sensitize your collaborators to your corporate culture, our GPS-based game City Explorer is entirely customizable and will adjust perfectly to your objectives and constraints. 

Our team will support you throughout the elaboration of your entire project. Indeed, we will suggest you the development of a game branding integrating your visuals as well as the customization of various mission positions related to your company or to the themes you want to put forward.

Send us your pictures, videos, anecdotes, numbers, you will find them all along your game!

découvertes et aventures pour vos team building en Suisse Romande

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    With animation

    Sortie d'entreprise : Resserrer les liens de vos équipes avec une activité ludique et originale


    Our prices 


    fully managed events: 65.- CHf / person – 12 persons minimum 

    SELF-RUN option: 35.- chf / person  – no minimum of participants