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A face-to-face team building activity to strengthen team cohesion. Face to face in the city or the place of your choice, gather your collaborators for an interactive and fun moment. Team building in Switzerland to boost your teams.
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A large choice of face-to-face activities for team building with long-term benefits!

In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, your employees get together for a fun activity. By discovering a city, by meeting challenges or challenges, your employees strengthen their ties and their team spirit.

Team building, a real asset on a daily basis to reboost a team, defuse conflicts, welcome a new employee or simply get together.

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Organize an outdoor face-to-face team building

How it works?

Our range of face-to-face activities have been creatively designed to encourage teams to come together (safely) and enjoy a fun activity either discovering a city of Switzerland or a place of your choice or during a company evening by setting the mood during the meal.

The tone is fun and relaxation during the activities signed CityGames! The path will be strewn with rather crazy and original challenges.

Teams equipped with an iPad or a Smartphone connected to 4G go through the city or the place of their choice. Great atmosphere guaranteed during your evening or company meal. Divided into teams of 4 to 6 people, the tone will be set per table.

A dynamic and committed animation for an atmosphere at the rendezvous. Our concepts specially designed for an activity or a corporate party will be able to adapt to your schedules, being able to be played in blocks or in several rounds. Our face-to-face activities are fully customizable and can be custom-programmed with your branding, your questions, etc.

2 options to choose from:

Self-run version:

In the Self-run version, play independently*, at the time that suits you best! To do this, nothing could be simpler: equipped withsmartphone with 4G access andMobile Adventures app, scan the QR code provided by and let's go for a team activity in the place of your choice.

*Telephone support possible throughout the game.


Version with online facilitator:

A place connected by videoconference, with the technique adapted to the size of your group. We will welcome your teams remotely to present and animate the game live as well as give the results at the end of the game. This concept makes it possible to animate several places, simultaneously or not, while having a global animation for your different teams.

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Discover our games of the moment

Discover the face-to-face activities for your next team building, fun and friendly activities., your partner in Team building and company outings in Swizterland.

City explorer team building presentation

The City Explorer

As a team, go on an adventure in the city of your choice and complete the funniest challenges. Humor will help you get the most points.


Global warming hybrid team building

The Global Warning

As a team, tackle the 6 main causes of global warming before moving on to the 6 existing solutions! A motivating game with a topical background.


Face-to-face team building escape game

The Escape

Solve puzzles, collect the necessary items and find the combination of codes that will allow you to escape from 3 different spaces.


Activities everywhere and for everyone

Team building or company outing… Our strength? Organize events accessible to all, where you want, when you want.

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