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In order for your event to be a highlight and ressemble your company, we offer tailor-made customization. From branding to personalized game content, our team is there to support you and create the activity that suits you.

A personalized activity signed

Expert in digital business creation. concocts your tailor-made activity in face-to-face, virtual or hybrid version.

Treasure hunt, geolocated game, quiz, transmission of information, we can create your tailor-made game. Depending on your objectives, we create a game, its duration and we personalize all the content by declining your logo, your branding, your texts. Surprise your customers with a personalized activity by face-to-face, in virtual or via hybrid.

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Why create a custom activity?

Increase its visibility, build customer loyalty, welcome new employees, the objectives of a tailor-made activity are multiple.

The creation of a team building or a virtual or face-to-face activity gives you the opportunity to stand out and offer a unique experience to your customers, your employees, or your tourists.
Whether you are a company, a museum, a brand, a store, a tourist attraction, you can offer a unique experience to your audience. Depending on your objectives, we can establish a quiz together, a treasure hunt, a contest, face-to-face, virtual or hybrid activity that will offer fun, visibility and loyalty.

Thanks to a variation of our face-to-face, hybrid or virtual activities, we can reach as many people as possible, all over the world. A secure way to offer a unique and entertaining experience to your customers or collaborators.

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Discover our games of the moment

Discover all the activities and games of, your partner for Team building and company outings in Switzerland and around the world.

Christmas Party team building activity

The Christmas Party

Celebrate your company Christmas with a festive game. Answer a maximum of questions in 9 categories. A great atmosphere will be assured.


Team building quiz

Team Quiz

Heat your brain during a series of impressive questions on different topics. A fun and dynamic game.


The escape

Solve the puzzles, collect the clues to escape from three different spaces! Time is running out, hurry up!


Activities everywhere and for everyone

Team building or company outing… Our strength? Organize events accessible to all, where you want, when you want.

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