team building activity: murder at the mansion

The Mansion Murder

A murder has been committed at the mansion!

Against the backdrop of a murderous investigation, go as a team to hunt for clues, question the suspects and lead the investigation to find the murderer before it's too late.

Between teammates, you will be required to analyze the information as well as exchange your clues to increase your chances of earning maximum points and discovering the murderer and the murder weapon.

A team building which will allow you to discover the Sherlock Holmes that lies dormant in each of your employees.



team building corporate murder at mansion
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About the game


  • Objects to scan
  • Encourages collaboration
  • Captain/player system
  • Management of time
  • Creativity and team spirit

Compatible activities

  • Virtual, face-to-face, hybrid

Available languages

  • French, German, English, other languages ​​on request

Game duration

  • About 1h30
team building corporate murder at mansion
Our discovery demos

Want to try our activity ?

Are you interested in this team building activity? Discover it in a 15-minute demo version.

By clicking on the demo link, you will be prompted to install our app (by accepting access to the GPS and the camera). Once installed you will have to take a selfie and enter a team name. Then all you have to do is join the game and enjoy the demo!

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The different formulas

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self run

  • Explanatory document
  • game QR code
CHF 35 - per person

Online animator

  • Home online
  • Online technical support
  • game QR code
  • Online score and conclusion presentations

Basic package for introduction + remote animation for CHF 450.-

CHF 30 – groups of 5 to 14 p.

CHF 25 – groups of 15 to 49 p.

CHF 20 – groups of 50 to 99 p.

CHF 15 – groups of 100 to 299 p.

With facilitator

  • Welcome in person
  • In-person technical support
  • QR Game Code + iPad Rental
  • Score presentations + medal presentation + conclusion

CHF 65 - per person

* Minimum package of CHF 1100.-

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