Level Up !

The ultimate Indoor digital game that leads its participants to surpass themselves through challenges and quizzes that are becoming more and more complex.

time icon Between 1h30 to 2h
time icon Everywhere in Switzerland
time icon From 10 participants
time icon From 59 CH/pers

Activity description

Through the App’s interface, teams must must climb to the top of five levels of fun, challenges and quizzes.

While progressing, the stages become more complex and points increase. There are ten buttons on each level with five categories of challenges and quizzes: chancellery, cerebral, creative, physical and riddles. For each challenge chosen, the easy, medium and difficult options are available. Obviously, the higher the risk, the more points you receive. In order to move up a floor, you will need to have completed six missions from the previous one. For example, after completing six missions on the first floor, the second floor will be unlocked. Teams must therefore complete as many missions as possible in order to reach the last floor. In addition, teams are evaluated on the commitment, originality and creativity of their performance. But beware, time is running out!

For company outings, team building activities or large group events, we offer you to end your activity with a presentation of the content generated during the game. Such conclusion is presented by one of our team member and helps to finish the game on a dynamic note and further strengthen bonds between participants.


check-circle iconMastering delegation
check-circle iconManaging time
check-circle iconStrategy
check-circle iconPlanning
check-circle iconTeam spirit


hospital iconSuitable for all
hospital iconFor all ages
hospital iconEverywhere in Switzerland
hospital iconStrengthening the team

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