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A team building or a unique company outing in Paris

Direction Paris for a unique team building .

Paris, the city of lights, has many assets: its gastronomy, its cultural effervescence, its symbolic and historical places. Between the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Seine and the Lafayette galleries, Paris has no shortage of places to visit.

This makes it a perfect playground for a successful team building ! With or without an facilitator, face-to-face, virtual or even hybrid, offers you multiple activities to be carried out outdoors or indoors.

Go on an adventure through the streets of Paris while participating in a unique and innovative urban game!

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Improve the cohesion of your teams with a team building in Paris


The success of a company often depends on the understanding of its teams. That's why it's important to take time out of the office to build trust between employees, improve team cohesion, dissolve tensions and boost team morale when necessary.

To help you achieve your objectives, the City Games team offers various digital games that can be fully customized . These activities have the particularity of being able to take place face-to-face, virtually or in hybrid mode depending on the configuration of your teams. Thus, you can meet where you want and how you want.

Strengthen the bonds of your team by organizing an activity that is out of the ordinary. Surprise your employees and offer them a fun and relaxing moment.

Our team guarantees a convivial moment from which your team will emerge enriched!



Paris is an open-air museum, a city that never ceases to be visited and rediscovered. You can enjoy its exterior as well as its interior treasures.

An exceptional setting to organize an extraordinary corporate activity. In team, execute an investigation, a geolocalized treasure hunt, a challenge game, a strategy game based on the world economy or an escape game. Fun guaranteed.

To make this company outing even more memorable, a little personal touch is needed... You have a few anecdotes, a few jokes between your teams or simply a few photos? Then choose the customization option to create a unique and customized team building .

At the end of each activity, we offer a presentation of content generated during the game to end on a dynamic note.

Don't hesitate and book your company outing in Paris! You want to organize your team building in Berlin, Rome, Madrid or New York? It is also possible!