Organize a company outing in Madrid with a team building signed

A team building & fun company outing in Madrid

City Games takes you to Madrid for an original team building . Visit the Royal Palace, stroll through the Teatro Real, watch a game at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, eat chocolate churros, these are just some of the activities that will give you a taste of the city's pleasures during a company outing.

In the life of a company, it is important to be able to take a break from time to time to meet as a team. This way, the different employees can meet, discover each other, discuss, have fun, get to know each other in a new setting and thus improve the group cohesion and perform every day within the company.

It is well known that the success of a company depends on the quality of the work of its teams. So take the time to thank them, motivate them and take care of them during a unique company outing in Madrid.


Organize a team building in Madrid with City Games


At, we have a mission: to create the ideal activity of team building to improve the cohesion of your teams, reduce tensions and thus increase the performance of each one.

A successful team building starts with good values. A keystone for the company culture. With the right values, you can easily create a team building with a specific objective. It can be a thank you, a better adherence to the company culture, an improvement of the well-being or simply to integrate new recruits to your teams.

It is by mixing the DNA of the company with the dynamism of your teams that you can create sparks.

To help you find the ideal team activity in Madrid, helps you with team building activitiesthat can take place face to face, hybrid or virtual in Madrid.



Discover the capital of Madrid with an unusual team building . In teams, go in search of Geolocalized points and answer unique and playful challenges. Find the way out of an escape game or save the planet from global warming... All these activities can be done in Madrid as well as elsewhere. A real asset to collaborate face-to-face or virtually.

Today, it has never been easier to be together from a distance.

So, take advantage of it and make your collaborators from the 4 corners of the world meet with a digital game personalized according to your branding and your personal anecdotes. Paris, Rome, Berlin, New York, organize your team building in total freedom!

Don't hesitate and organize a company outing in Madrid with our team City Games.