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With City Games, organize an event wherever you want in the world. All you need is an internet connection and you're done!

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Team building & company outings all over the world to strengthen your team's ties

With City Games, surprise your teams in the 4 corners of the world with a team building

 A team building that adapts to the new mobility of work.

Workplace codes have been turned upside down by the pandemic. Employees are becoming more mobile and offices are becoming more diverse. Everyone, even the most reluctant, have taken to remote work. A new way of working that has changed habits, norms and relationships. If working in a home office has many advantages and contributes to the daily well-being of employees, it is important not to forget to continuously work on the social aspect within the company.

Today, it is essential to maintain a certain level of exchange between the different teams, employees and those who do not cross paths often, for example. Thus, while adapting to the new ways of working, it is advisable to preserve and guarantee a certain living together in company. Thus, the team building is an ideal activity to get together whether you are in Paris, Madrid, Rome, New York, Berlin or Switzerland! Today, it has never been so easy to get together from a distance.

team building everywhere and for everyone

We offer team building throughout Switzerland as well as in cities in Europe and the world

Boost your teams with a team building


The main objective of team building is to strengthen team cohesion, increase trust between employees and thus obtain a good working atmosphere with a team that performs well on a daily basis.

The team building is often characterized by outdoor activities, group games, olympics, ... But today, more and more companies opt for the team building online and hybrid (the team building hybrid consists in bringing together a part of the team in person and the other online). A formula that allows employees to meet in the 4 corners of the world. A way to take the time to exchange with all employees even if they are not in the same country.

Organizing a team building around the world allows to keep the contact between colleagues and a good team spirit.


CUSTOMIZABLE TEAM BUILDING is specialized in the organization of activities of team building. Our teams first evolved in the creation of face-to-face digital games. Then, we adapted our team building to be able to offer online solutions but also solutions that allow to gather a part of the teams in face-to-face as well as the teams in hybrid.

Thus, we have a complete offer of team building which allows to gather all your collaborators to share a playful activity.

Our activities are customizable according to your branding, your colors and your stories! You can also carry out the activity independently or with a facilitator! At, we have the formula that suits you!